A wonderful theatre of  XVIII century in the heart of the town, the masterpiece of Antonio Galli Bibiena, who was not only an architect but also a set designer, a painter and a decorator, one of best of his time. The architectural value of the location perfectly combines with a very lively artistic programm which includes operas and classic and contemporary concerts.  It is an important heart of creative and high quality artistic handcraft.

As every year, during 2012 the Theatre scheduled a notable season of operas, symphonic music and dance, beyond special events for music  followers and for schools. Here you can find the calendar and all updated info about about how to get tickets:  Teatro-Comunale-2011_20122.pdf2.

We will be very glad to help you and arrange your stay in occasion of any particular event. In addtion to amazing music, we will help you to discover the arts of cuisine and of bolognese life style!