City Red Bus


City Red Bus is the new tourist service provided by City Red Bus company that will allow you to discover the beauty of Bologna’s arts and monuments). Aboard this open top bus,  you will be welcomed and attended by highly qualified staff.

With their headphones guide in 8 languages, they will inform you about all the sites you will see during the trip.

San Luca Express is a new tourist line connecting the historical centre of Bologna with the charming Basilica di S. Luca, set in the middle of beautiful Bolognese hills. The service is offered from Thursday to Sunday on a small tourist train provided with a headphones guide, which provides information and facts concerning the history of Bologna.

It is an enjoyable and exciting climb to the top of San Luca, on the side of its long portico, to a unique Basilique with impressive views of Bologna)


The trip lasts one hour, starting from Piazza Malpighi (where you can also meet the City Red Bus).