Genus Bononiae

Genus Bononiae is a cultural, artistic and museum itinerary  running through  buildings in the historical center of Bologna, that have been renovated and rehabilitated for public use by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Bologna. Genus Bononiae includes Art and History Library at San Giorgio in Poggiale, with a rich collection of books dating from the 1500 onwards, San Colombano, with its ancient music instruments collection which belonged to Maestro Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini; the Church of Santa Cristina, venue of concerts; the Church of Santa Maria della Vita, where you can admire the Compianto sul Cristo Morto by Niccolò dall’Arca; Palazzo Peopli, an innovative museum dedicated to the history of the city ; Palazzo Fava, a dedicated events and exhibitions centre, frescoed by the Carracci family and Casa Saraceni, home of Fondazione Carisbo; the Church of San Michele in Bosco, with its beautiful panoramic view of Bologna and its artistic treasure.