UNIVERSITY – Alma Mater Studiorum

The University of Bologna has very ancient origins , dating back to the eleventh century. 1088 has been accepted as the conventional date to indicate the period during which teaching started freely and  independently in Bologna ecclesiastical schools .

Masters of grammar, rhetoric and logic began to study law and the first scholar with certain information is Irnerius , which soon became famous for his work in interpreting and organizing the Roman law.

It is considered the first university in the Western world. Its history is linked with that of the great thinkers in the field of science and letters , and it is an essential reference in the panorama of European culture.

Currently it ranks among the top of the Italian and international universities .

With more than 80,000 students each year, it offers 209 degree courses distributed between the University of Bologna and the campus of Forlì, Cesena , Ravenna and Rimini.

The Alma Mater also has a great experience and an important commitment in the field of research.